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Anonymous: hi do you still have the theme ichigoflavor is using currently?

no sorry 

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Anonymous: If we instal one of your ask box how do we get rid of the one our blog comes with?

make a new page on your customiza page and choose custom mlayout and paste the code

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Anonymous: how do i make my description not as spaced out? like i have three small paragraphs and i want each paragraph's lines to not be spaced at all.. no spacing in paragraphs, but spacing to separate the three paragraphs. if it matters, im using theme three

honestly idk what you mean. come off anon so i can take a look, thats the only way i can figure it out

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Anonymous: when are you going to make a new theme?

me and brooke are quite busy with school and we are not sure if we can make a theme as soon as possible. i’m planning to make some soon, so yeah. x sorry about that. 

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Anonymous: do you still have the code for the theme that @angelcasimiro has? its originally your theme btw.

nope sorry

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there shoudnt be? loads of ppl downloaded it with no problems so there was probably already a virus on ur computer

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austinandally-love-deactivated2: Hello, thank you so much for the code :) I just have one question, how do I go about installing the ask box?

no problem! sure, here’s a tutorial on how you can install the ask box, click here!

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Anonymous: brookes ask page link for how to install is not working

we’ll try to fix that asap

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Anonymous: post/55003270966/theme-one-live-preview-code-this-theme and post/55006523996/theme-three-live-preview-code-this-theme are beautiful themes! i think simple 2 column themes with a sidebar are the best themes you could possibly make :)

brooke’s themes are amazing! i just love how she makes it so simple, yet appealing to the audience! :) 

yeah! i agree, a sidebar and 2 columns! sure, i’ll try and publish and make a new theme as soon as possible! x :) 

maricris aka mutualise. 

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awovoxo: If you were taking custom theme requests, how much do you charge, or what would we have to do?

um, we don’t take custom theme requests because we don’t have enough time at the moment. but, i might but depends if i don’t have school in the way. (: 

maricris aka mutualise.

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